Industry News1Two 7500 vehicle vehicle carriers were developed and designed by the boarding institute xiamen


1Two 7500 vehicle vehicle carriers were developed and designed by the boarding institute xiamen

 Recently, the contract for the construction and design of two 7,500-car motor carriers, developed and designed by Shanghai ship research and design institute (SDARI) and built by xiamen shipbuilding heavy industry co., LTD, came into force. The tranamax ro-ro ship, powered by LNG fuel, will be leased to Germany Volkswagen group after delivery, with the first ship scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2019. This type of vessel is another outstanding work since the successful delivery of 5000 and 6700 cars from the ship yard. Two 7500 vehicle vehicle carriers were developed and designed by the boarding institute xiamen

 At the early stage of scheme determination, shipboard yard and cosco kawasaki, Japan jinzhi shipyard participated in the bidding. Because of its advanced technology, rapid response capability and reputation in the field of auto ro-ro ships and small LNG carriers, the ship owners finally appointed the shipboard yards as the only independent design provider.

 It is reported that this type of ship requires high speed and stability, and has a compact space for cargo hold and LNG system. With its unique design, the design team of the shipboard yard overcomes the adverse effects of two large c-type LNG tanks in the cargo hold area on the floating state and the stability of the damaged cabin, and meets the requirements of the ship owner for the designated floating state of the ship when loading a specific mass vehicle under a restricted draft.

The project is expected to take only 21 months from the project commencement to the delivery of the first production vessel, which is very intense for the design and construction of a brand new vehicle carrier. By virtue of its strong comprehensive design and coordination ability, the ship yard is facing difficulties head-on.  

On July 20, the shipyard hosted the project launch meeting, which was attended by shipowners, shipyards, classification societies, risk assessment companies and related manufacturers. The meeting defined the division of work and schedule, creating positive conditions for the comprehensive promotion of the project. Since this ship USES LNG as fuel, the risk assessment required by IGF Code will also be carried out in an orderly manner.

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